The Hague Herring Party

Dutch tradition ‘herring happen’ at Crowne Plaza The Hague connects international The Hague

Plastic Soup Surfer Merijn Tinga receives honorable herring keg

June 18 2019 - Crowne Plaza The Hague – Promenade connects with another successful edition of The Hague Herring Party international The Hague. The more than 300 entrepreneurs, ambassadors and expats toasted together to a new (herring) season. The international community enjoyed the rich variety of herring from the Dutch cuisine combined with international flavors. The honorable herring key of this edition was handed over to Merijn Tinga, to show appreciation for his commitment as a Plastic Soup Surfer in which he, as a forerunner, brings innovative ideas together in solving the plastic problem. 

600x398Merijn Tinga ontvangt het eervolle haringvaatje van Patrick Aarsman Ronald Speijer

Patrick Aarsman, General Manager Crowne Plaza The Hague – Promenade emphasizes the importance of bringing the international community from The Hague together: “During The Hague Herring Party you clearly notice the good ties between entrepreneurs, ambassadors and expats from The Hague. It is the Dutch tradition that connects The Hague. Working together with internationals provides a positive, economic boost for business The Hague. We do this not only during the Herring Party, but throughout the year with our Promenade Food Festivals. Every month we invite a chef from abroad, together with an embassy to taste his authentic cuisine during one of our Promenade Food festivals. We also provide initiatives that go across the borders of our city a stage. I am therefore proud that we can give the symbolic herring keg to Merijn Tinga this edition.” 

Merijn Tinga adds: “I thank Crowne Plaza The Hague for the honorable herring keg of this edition, as a thank you for our commitment to the plastic problem. Cleaning up local litter is accessible and grateful; the result of an individual action is immediately visible - in contrast to the abstract environmental problems such as global warming. So with plastic we create awareness to deal with the consequences of major environmental problems. The herring loves a clean sea without plastic, so that we can enjoy a "clean" Herring every year. In addition to the undiminished responsibility of consumers and individual companies - as picked up by Crowne Plaza The Hague - it is above all the producing industry that must take up the challenge. Only then we can take next steps.”